Day 13: Your Favourite Writer – Kelley Armstrong

One day, probably sometime in August or something, I’m going to finish this supposedly thirty day challenge (which I had extended to a fifty day challenge for some odd reason, that is really inexpicable, seeing as I wasn’t doing great with thirty days, and fifty is like infinity for me ’cause I’m so darn inconsistent with my posts). Okay, stepping away from my inability to be a star blogger, here’s author number four.

  1. Kelley Armstrong
    The Summoning came out the summer right before high school, and to be honest, after I read that, I needed more. I started searching up all of Kelley Armstrong’s novels, and became determined to read it all. Alas, I have yet to TOUCH one of her Women of the Otherworld books, let alone READ them. However, five years later, I just finished her novel, The Rising, and I think I am going to really miss the Project kids. Though, as much as I love it, I also can’t wait to start reading her new Age of Legends series (which is out in 2014), and maybe even start her adult series (now that I actually am an adult, haha).



    I loved Armstrong’s characters in the Darkest Power Trilogy and the Darkness Rising Trilogy, mainly ’cause they were relatable and although not exactly as I had, they went through similar problems, like shyness, like getting picked on. I also loved the growth of the characters, especially Chloe, as the books went on, they all matured and grew with the reader. I also appreciated Armstrong’s writing style ’cause I didn’t have to dig through dictionaries to figure out what was going on.

    Kelley also maintains a great connection with her readers through Twitter, Tumblr, and her website. Something that I really like about Armstrong is that she takes the time to release little shorts and novellas between books, and sometimes even after the series ends, so it never feels like the characters’ stories are really done. Not many authors release as many novellas and shorts as Armstrong does, and I really give her props for that, haha ~

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