I’ll Be Back…

Friday. I will be queuing up a bunch of awesome stuff for you guys. I’m sorry I haven’t been around lately. Midterms have been a huge pain, and they don’t seem to want to end.

I will hopefully be able to burn through a number of books in the next few weeks before the end of the term hits and the real stress starts. Until then, I’ll be posting up reviews, and I have a couple of Book Blasts and Book Tours that will be popping up in July, August, and September. I hope to try out another type of giveaway soon too, since it doesn’t seem like any of you are into the style I put up recently.

What kind of giveaways do you guys like? Guessing games? Like/Share/Comment on this post type? And would y’all rather I give away hardcopies or ebooks? Let me know, because that’s REALLY important, for both you and me. I’d hate to run giveaways that you guys just don’t want to enter. Also, what books do you want to see in the giveaways? ‘Cause I can so make that happen too.

I’m sorry, my lovely bookworms, for being so busy these past few weeks! New posts and new giveaways are to come !

On a  side note to all the authors who have contacted me. I am extremely grateful for your requests and for choosing me and this blog to promote your books. I will get back to those I’m interested in as soon as possible. Unfortunately, times have been busy and I haven’t had much time to read. I don’t want to accept your books only to leave them on a shelf, metaphorical or not, to gather dust. I’ve already done that to one poor author, and I don’t want to leave any others behind (shout out to Miranda Bowden for her patience with me).  Thank you all for your patience and understanding!

Day 18: An Author You Wish Was More Well-Known.

This is hard because most of the smaller authors I was tooting about last year are pretty darn big now. I’ll go with what I had before though, because I honestly can’t think of anyone else – though I do have one name to add.

Colleen Hoover

I still love her books. All of them. And yes, I have read all of them. Each of her series is unique and love how her characters come alive and the plot keeps you at the edge of your seat. And 90% of the time, it will feel wrong rooting for the main couple, but that’s what she wants, and I love how she just strings readers along for the ride of their life. Her newest book, Maybe Someday, and the book before that, Losing Hope, were two amazing books that I’d recommend everyone look into.

Tammara Webber

She’s been one of my favourite authors since I read her book Easy. However, she really captured my heart with her Between the Lines series. The four book series had some of the best character development ever. I loved the characters, the plots, the romances. It was a great series that really change my perspective of the NA genre, as these fictional actors/actresses, ages 21-24, grew in front of my eyes. With each book, each character got better and I love the series to bits.

Rainbow Rowell

I’ve only read one book by her, but I plan on reading many more in the future (I own them and everything, now I just have to read them). I really enjoyed how the characters in Fangirl were so real and so utterly relatable. I think that’s the part that got me. This girl, so similar to me, got her happy ending. It makes everything seem more attainable. What I also loved was the fact that the book hadn’t been centered on romance. Sure, there was some, but the novel stepped away from all the hot and heavy, romantic, sex-filled novels that seem to make up most of the NA genre. In fact, it’s so tame, it’s often considered YA, even though the characters have finished the whole high school thing and are in university. I liked that, for once, it didn’t seem like I was living my university life wrong.

I’m sure there are more authors out there who are absolutely amazing, but these were the first to come to mind. Other notable authors, who I haven’t really looked in to, aside from just reading one book by them, was Beth Pond (author of Podium Finish), Jacqueline Garlick (author of Lumieré), Kara Taylor (author of Prep School Confidential), and Mia Sheridan (author of Archer’s Voice).

World’s Biggest Bookstore Closes

March 30th marked the end of an era.

This past Sunday, the World’s Biggest Bookstore, located in Downtown Toronto, closed its doors for the last time.



The once overflowing shelves laid barren, even a week before closing.


Except for Chris Hadfield’s shelf. There were WAY too many copies of his book. (And sorry I didn’t tell all of you about the closing sale, I’m a horrible person, I know.)


(Colourrsssss ~ There were a lot of these types of books, too.)

While technology can never truly replace print books, they are definitely moving in that direction. In our society, we rarely look at tradition. Instead, we focus on convenience: which one is lighter? what takes the least amount of time to pack? which one will I always have with me, no matter the size of my purse/bag? all in all, which one is more convenient?

Nothing beats a gook old, hard copy novel, but even I have to admit that I’m caving into the ways of technology. While reading books on my cell phone (despite it’s miniature screen) is more convenient, I enjoy reading hard copies more. Plus, authors get more from a hard copy (or at least I hope they do for the price I’m paying).

That’s another thing that’s lost in technology. A lot of people these days pirate movies and download illegal copies of books and cds for free, without giving anything to the author. This sucks, because really, authors put time, effort, and their heart into their books, and people take advantage of that. Authors are losing money, publishers are losing money, record artists, movie producers, studios – everyone in the Arts is LOSING MONEY. It’s great that you get to keep yours, but people do this for a living so you can enjoy it. So you can take a break from reality and step into someone else’s mind, even for just a moment. The least you can do is support them.

These days, so many things get lost because of technology: profits, tradition, appreciation; all for convenience.

The World’s Biggest Bookstore is now gone, that’s just one closure in the many to come. Buy books, support the author. Even if it is the ebook, it’s better than nothing. If you want anyone to keep writing to make a living (i.e. publish books for sale), then you have to show them that they are appreciated, that there is a demand. That in the end, they’re not doing this for nothing; they’re being heard.

This is the end of the era, but don’t let it be the end of a literary cultural tradition.

Disclaimer: I sound a lot smarter than I actually am (at least I think I do), but here it is in short: buy books. Ebooks, hard copies, even discounted novel. Anything and everything helps keep the industry alive and flourishing. Unless you want to see it all disappear, keep supporting authors and publishers alike.

All in all, do things the legal way.

Update: Chapters Festival Hall, another large store located in Downtown Toronto, has also announced that it was be closing – on May 30th, 2014.

Day 14: Favorite Book of Your Favourite Writer

I’M FINALLY ON DAY 14 ! /90dayslater.

Anyways, since I insisted on having 20 10 favourite authors, here’s all my fave books by them:

  1. Tammara Webber
    Here Without You [Between The Lines #4]
    Here Without You [Between The Lines #4]
  2. Cassandra Clare
    Clockwork Princess [The Infernal Devices #3]
  3. Marie Lu
    Prodigy [Legend #2]
  4. Kelley Armstrong
    The Reckoning [Darkest Powers Trilogy #3]
  5. Colleen Hoover
    Losing Hope [Hopeless #2]
  6. Sarah Dessen

    This Lullaby
  7. Julie Kagawa
    The Eternity Cure [Blood of Eden #2]
    The Eternity Cure [Blood of Eden #2]
  8. Maureen Johnson
    The Last Little Blue Envelope
    The Last Little Blue Envelope [Little Blue Envelope #2]
  9. John Green

    Paper Towns
  10. Dr. Seuss

    Fox in Socks
    Fox in Socks

Day 13: Your Favorite Writer – Tammara Webber

-University chews me up and spits me out- HEY! THAT WAS MY SHOE!

Alright, it’s been a while, and I’m sorry. University’s busy. LIKE REALLY BUSY.  Just in this coming week, I have two projects due, a test, a quiz, and a movie and poetry analysis. THAT’S JUST FOR THIS WEEK! ANYWAYS… Moving on…

In all honesty, this is an impossible task. To choose my favourite writer or author is like telling me to choose my favourite blade of grass among billions of other similar, yet totally different, blades.

Okay, that may not be the most amazing comparison, but I’m being serious… I just can’t do that… make the choice that is. Well, I don’t do similes or metaphors well either, but that’s a story for another day.

So instead of choosing one among the many and trying to prove that they’re finitely better than all the other authors in existence (when there are likely many who are equally amazing), I’ll just list a number of my favourites for you… Let’s go with ten twenty, with no particular order ’cause that would make my life even harder.

I’ll post them one at a time ’cause I don’t want to just create a giant wall of text talking about my not-so-real crushes on authors.


  1. Tammara Webber
    I’ve been a fan of Tammara Webber for only a short time, but I’ve read every book she has published and I absolutely loved each and every one of them.First off, for all those who’ve followed me for a while, you know I basically stopped reading because of her novel Easy. I probably read it three or four times now, and still love every part of it.What I haven’t written about is her Between the Lines series.

    At the moment there are three books, the fourth coming out in August. So this series had, like, for main characters.

     – the nice guy, who’s just perfect in every way. Like there is nothing about him that I don’t like.
    Emma – the nice girl, who has her flaws, is a little selfish/self-centered, but not obnoxiously so. Otherwise, she has great morals, thinks friends over guys (most of the time), and is a great female lead character
    Reid – the douche, he sleeps around, drinks and parties like crazy and usually couldn’t give to flying flies about other people’s feelings.
    Brooke – Reid’s ex. She’s the nice turned bitchy turned… I don’t know what now. I’m sure Webber will tell her story one day, but until then, my opinion stands.
    Dori – a good girl, who you won’t meet ’til the third book. She volunteers for charity projects, goes to church and all that (her dad’s the priest), etc. She’s awesome though !

    ANYWAYS. I love Webber’s writing, and I love that she started out basically a self-published/indie author. Gives me hope. Easy is now in stores though, being sold to people everywhere (okay probably not, but still). I hope, one day, the Between the Lines series will be released in hard copy books ’cause it’s an awesome series.

    I think the thing I love most about Webber’s books is her character development. We’ve got Reid, the ultimate douche, in Between the Lines and then we see him grow and change through the second and third. We’ve got Jaqueline in Easy, who we meet when she basically is going emo ’cause her boyfriend broke up with her, among other things, and we see her grow and mature through the book. I love Webber’s ability to make her characters grow, yet still keep their initial personality in tact. I also love that her stories deal with real life problems that just aren’t addressed often enough.

    But yeah, anyways, I really love Tammara Webber so far, and I can’t wait to read then next installment to Between the Lines ~