Books of 2014

So I failed. I read a total of 53 books in 2014, though my goal was 100. As with most things, life got in the way. Anyways, here are the books I read in 2014.

(B) – Bought // (L) – Library // (R) – Received from a Publisher/Author/Contest/NetGalley // (G) Gift

(*) – 2014 Release

(R) Dented Cans – Heather Walsh (3/5)
[eBook obtained via Heather Walsh]
(B) Wild Cards [Wild Cards #1] – Simone Elkeles (3.5/5)
(B) Relentless [Shattered Hearts #1] – Cassia Leo (5/5)
(R) Podium Finish – Beth Pond (5/5)
[eBook obtained via I Am A Reader, Not A Writer]
(R) A Million Littler Snowflakes – Logan Byrne (3.5/5)
[eBook obtained via Logan Byrne via NetGalley]
(B) Real Ugly [Hard Rock Roots #1] – C.M. Stunich (5/5)
(B) Get Bent [Hard Rock Roots #2] – C.M. Stunich (4/5)

(B)* Ignite Me [Shatter Me #3] – Tahereh Mafi (4.5/5)
(B)* Archer’s Voice [A Sign of Love Novel] – Mia Sheridan (5/5)
(B) The Lost Hero [The Heroes of Olympus #1] – Rick Riordan (5/5)
(B) The Son of Neptune [The Heroes of Olympus #2] – Rick Riordan (5/5)
(B) The Mark of Athena [The Heroes of Olympus #3] – Rick Riordan (5/5)
(B) If You Leave [Beautifully Broken #2] – Courtney Cole (5/5)

(R) Hidden Magic [Liberty Realm #1] – K.D. Faerydae (2/5)
[eBook obtained via Troubador Publishing Ltd. via NetGalley]
(R)* Don’t Even Think About It – Sarah Mlynowski (3.5/5)
[eARC obtained via Random House Children’s via NetGalley]
(B) The House of Hades [The Heroes of Olympus #4] – Rick Riordan (5/5)
(R) Lumière [The Illumination Paradox #1] – Jacqueline Garlick (5/5)
[eBook obtained via Jacqueline Garlick]
(B) Backstage Pass [Sinners on Tour #1] – Olivia Cunning (3/5)
(B)* Maybe Someday – Colleen Hoover (5/5)
(B) Rock Hard [Sinners on Tour #2] – Olivia Cunning (4.5/5)
(R) Before They Find Us – Michelle A. Hansen (4/5)
[eBook obtained via Xpresso Book Tours]

(R)* Sea of Shadows [Age of Legends #1] – Kelley Armstrong (4/5)
[eARC obtained via DoubleDay Canada via NetGalley]
(R)* The Here and Now – Ann Brashares (4/5)
[eARC obtained via Random House Children’s via NetGalley]
(R)* To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before [#1] – Jenny Han (4/5)
[ARC obtained via Simon and Schuster via GoodReads First Reads]
(R)* Wicked Little Secrets [Prep School Confidential #2] – Kara Taylor (5/5)
[eARC obtained via St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley]
(B) Until We Burn [Beautifully Broken #2.5] – Courtney Cole (3/5)
(B) Before We Fall [Beautifully Broken #3] – Courtney Cole (4.5/5)
(B)* The Forever Song [Blood of Eden #3] – Julie Kagawa (4/5)

(R)* We Were Liars – E. Lockhart (5/5)
[eARC obtained via Random House Children’s via NetGalley]
(B)* Breakable [Easy #2] – Tammara Webber (4.5/5)
(B) Hot Ticket [Sinners on Tour #3] – Olivia Cunning (4.5/5)
(B) Eleanor and Park – Rainbow Rowell (5/5)
(B) Wicked Beat [Sinners on Tour #4] – Olivia Cunning (4.5/5)
(B) Gameboard of the Gods [Age of X #1] – Richelle Mead (4/5)

(B)* The Immortal Crown [Age of X #2] – Richelle Mead (5/5)
(B) Tasting Never [Never Say Never #1] – C.M. Stunich (3/5)
(B)* All Lined Up [Rusk University #1] – Cora Carmack (4.5/5)
(B)* City of Heavenly Fire [The Mortal Instruments #6] – Cassandra Clare

(B)* Say What You Will – Cammie McGovern (4/5)
(B)* Unitl We Fly – Courtney Cole (4/5)
(B)* Take Me On [Pushing the Limits #4] – Katie McGarry (5/5)
(B) The Green Man – Kingsley Amis (4/5)

(B)* Ugly Love – Colleen Hoover (4/5)
(R)* Virgin – Radhika Sanghani (2.5/5)
[eARC obtained via Penguin Group via NetGalley]

(B)* Be With Me [Wait for You #2]– J.Lynn (4/5)

(B)* Cress [The Lunar Chronicles #3] – Marissa Meyer (5/5)
(B)* Deadly Little Sins [Prep School Confidential #3] – Kara Taylor (4/5)

(R)* The Edge of You – Theresa DaLayne (4/5)
[Obtained via Xpresso Book Tours]
(B)* The Blood of Olympus [The Heroes of Olympus #5] – Rick Riordan (5/5)
(R) Frozen [Heart of Dread #1] – Melissa De La Cruz and Michael Johnston (2/5)
[Obtained via Orchard Books via NetGalley]
(R) Wrong Bed, Right Guy [Come Undone #1] – Katee Robert (3/5)
[Obtained via Entangled Publishing via INSPIRE International Book Fair]
(R)** Since You’ve Been Gone – Mary Jennifer Payne (2/5)
[eARC obtained via Dundurn via NetGalley; to be published 2015]

(B)* The Winner’s Curse [The Winner’s Trilogy #1] – Marie Rutkoski (5/5)

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    Hiya @nerdyaddictionshop ! My name is Alicia and I'm from Canada 🍁 First off, I want to say how much I love your shop! I fell in love with your work from your It's the Nerdy Life box and I've been loving your new line of watercolour bookmarks. They're so unique and beautiful 😍 I have a slight obsession with your new designs so I'd love to rep them for you and help you share your beautiful art with the world!
As for posting, now that I'm done with my job and am back in school, I'll be posting everyday! Throughout the fall months I want to go and explore the city I'm now calling home and I would love to take your bookmarks with me (thus the inclusion of the image staring Five Ways to Fall). It would be a weekly endeavour where I'd walk around town and capture something that I love, with a book and your bookmark (or your bookmark alone). Further, I'll be taking photos similar to the others featured here and would be willing to promote only your bookmarks during the time I'm rep. I feel like my feed matches your bookmark aesthetic. I love vibrant colours and the most I adjust my photos is using sharpening and changing lighting. With the myriad of colours you use, I think your bookmarks would pop on my feed 😄 Lastly, I'm happy to host giveaways and post about sales on my feed, as well as my blog, Twitter, and Facebook page. My Instagram feed also shows up on my blog's homepage!
As Taheri Mafi is expanding her Shatter Me series, I would love to see bookmarks with quotes from her series, as well as symbolic representations of each character's ability (ex. A symbol of healing for the twins, or of invisibility for Kenji). I think your watercolour art would be a beautiful backdrop for these or can be incorporated within the designs themselves. I'd love to see your take on this series (it's one of my favourites 😜)
Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity and good luck to everyone who has entered!
Thanks all for reading! Wish me luck friends 😄🍀
#bookstagram #books #repsearch #nafall2017reps #nerdyaddiction #bookstagrammer #booksofinstagram #booknerd #bookishlove #booklover #fan Good morning and happy Friday! I will be MIA the next few days as I pack and move out to school. I'm excited to get started with my program, but I'm also worried I won't have enough time to finish packing everything before Sunday 😅 I'll be back next week! Thanks for all the love 😘 Have a good weekend!
#bookstagram #books #tbr #colours #red #orange #yellow #starwars #bookstagrammer #booksofinstagram #booknerd #bookishlove #booklover #fan #bookblog This is something I struggle with on a daily basis. What should I attribute value to? What should I invest my time and money in? I guess it's just the thoughts of a recent grad floating around me, but investments in the future are becoming more and more important to me and I'm at a loss. All I know is that I will always invest money and time into my book collection 😅
QOTD: Looking to the future, what are some of your greatest fears?
#bookstagram #books #tbr #colours #bookishrainbow #bookishheart #bookspines #bookstack #bookstagrammer #booksofinstagram #booknerd #bookishlove #booklover #fan #worldliness
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