Day 21: Favourite Side Character.

There are two side/secondary characters that really stand out to me.

The first is Kenji, from Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me trilogy. [Copies and Pastes] He’s that funny, witty character who manages to ease the tension and bring the mood back up when times get rough. Unfortunately, we learn very little about him throughout the series, especially his background (i.e. what happened to his family, why he’s there, etc.) and I really hope that Tahereh will make a book for him (whether a full novel or a novella, I don’t really care, as long as we can see more about him in ther future).

Shatter Me (Series Recap)

The second is Jackal, from Julie Kagawa’s Blood of Eden trilogy. I always fall for the funny characters. Jackal was the comic relief throughout the series, as well as the voice of reason (ish) come the end of the series. I love his character and I really do hope the rumours about him getting his own spin off series is true. I really would love seeing him again, away from all the romantic teenage love junk between Zeke and Allie. Aside from all of that, I love, love, loved his character development. He grew up so much throughout the series and I can’t wait to see more about him.



How about you guys? Who are your favourite side/secondary characters?

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