Day 17: The First Book You Can Remember Reading On Your Own.


This is probably the first book I ever read on my own. Don’t ask me why I started with the third one, but I’ve never read the first or second. I did, however, read the next 10-15 books before I stopped reading. I loved the Magic Treehouse series. It was a large part of my childhood. If you haven’t ever read one, consider picking one up for you child, or for yourself, or even for you future child, because they’re actually pretty educational and have fun adventures in them. This was my first, and also my favourite, of the series, though I also liked the one about Shakespeare.

What was your first, independently-read, book?

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  1. I loved The Magic Tree House books! I saw a little girl reading one of the new ones the other day, and was so happy to see that they’re still around.

    • The series goes on forever ! But I love that one of the few series from my childhood is still going. Everything else is kind of done (even Harry Potter /tears.).

  2. LY

     /  April 16, 2014

    I read a few of these, but didn’t actually care much for them. I used to like Junie B. Jones books though! Don’t know if you read them :)

    • Yup. Well, I’ve read some of them at least. Alike to Magic Tree House, I only got the select few that popped up in the school book catalogs. I used to really enjoy that series too (:


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