Day 14: The Environment You Most Enjoy Reading In.

Honestly, I like reading everywhere. On the bus, in class, on the couch, when I’m on lunch at work, at my desk, before bed. Give me a book, and it won’t matter where I am, I’ll read it.

Generally, I have to read when I don’t have friends around. Physically or technologically. If I go on Skype, I’ll get distracted. If I’m reading on my phone, and trying to hold a conversation with my friends through text, yeah, the book’s not going to be read. Same with if I’m around friends. If I’m hanging out in my living room in residence, and they sit down near me, we’ll just start talking, whether it’s about the book in my hand, a class we had, or the newest k-pop scandal, again, there will be no reading done.

So environment wise, I guess any setting will do, but I just can’t be in a social environment (even when I’m alone, which is hard, darn technology). If I am with people and I need to get some reading down, then I’ll turn my music up and put my earphones in and read. Otherwise, I get distracted WAY too easily.

My bus !
A classroom I frequent at UWaterloo

What’sΒ environment do all of YOU like to read in ?

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