Day 29: A Book Everyone Hated But You Liked

I read this book for grade 11 English, and I actually loved the themes and the story of the book. While I think I was still much too immature to really process some of the things that happened, I look back and realize that the book was actually extremely good. However, as with Stargirl, my class was less than enthusiastic to read the book and many hated the story, laughed at the harsher parts of the book, and made a joke of it. Again, I don’t know if it was just ’cause we were too immature at the time to really get it, but very few people in my grade liked the book (or said that they did). Anyways, here it is: The Kite Runner.


(Yes, I know it’s really popular on GoodReads and among the literary world, but I’m just basing this on the impression I’ve gotten from the people I know, because otherwise, this whole hated by I liked thing doesn’t happen very often)

Also, Merry Christmas to all of you celebrating today ~ !

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