Day 21: Favorite Book From Your Childhood

While I adore Dr. Seuss, I have to say that my favourite books growing up were the Berenstain Bears books that my dad would read to me before I’d go to sleep.

I loved these books because honestly, everything you need for life was depicted pretty darn well in this series. The truth was also passed on pretty well – The TruthΒ was one I particularly liked for this purpose (see what I did there). The way they showed that when you lie, even though it starts off small, we always begin embellishing stuff and end up screwing up everything.

The only thing I will not back up was when the cubs went to the dentist and they pretended that everything was alright. That was a big fat lie that hurts my soul every time I go to the dentist now… (mature Alicia, I know, haha)



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