Chapter Reveal and Bonus Scene: The Fiery Heart and Vampire Academy

512637709f4fdfe2bb000001Hey all! The first chapter of The Fiery Heart, the fourth installment to Richelle Mead’s series, Bloodlines, is out! Yup, and guess what! IT’S IN ADRIAN’S POINT OF VIEW -flails-

Check out the first chapter here!

The second chapter’s out !!

Check out Chapter Two here!

Also, Dmitri won the YA Sisterhood Crush Tournament this year, and Richelle Mead has released his first meeting with Lissa and Rose in Vampire Academy!

Check out Dmitri’s POV here!

The Fiery Heart will be out November 19, 2013!

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    Ah! It was so good! I love the little guy who kept grabbing all the shiny things. I think it might be my spirit animal haha!
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