Book Excerpt: Jake – Through My Eyes Book One

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Jake_Fcover(1)Title: Jake: Through My Eyes Book One
Author: Olivia Carter
Genre: YA
Publication Date: April 29, 2013


Freshman year is about to begin and Molly Parker couldn’t be more unprepared. Still recuperating from her father’s recent split, Molly entertains a fragile relationship with her mother while simultaneously attempting to define herself. Molly has only her best friends, Rae and Margret, guy-crazy teenagers who mean well, and the “hard-boiled” restaurant owner Cindy to confide in until she “accidentally” meets Jake. But as far as strangers go, Jake and Molly are the strangest. Together they unearth one secret that will change their lives forever.



Book Excerpt:

As Sunday approached, I tried terribly hard to get Jake out of my mind. But who was I kidding; those crystal blue eyes were stuck in my memory like glue. Mom would have called it a “girl thing” but I felt like there was more about Jake that was clinging to my mind than just his starry eyes and his stupid ego. I set my mind to forget him…knowing it probably wouldn’t work.

It was another boiling day, and I laid on my bed. The fan was spinning violently above me, as if it would yank out of the ceiling and fall on me. Yet I still could only feel a bit of its breath. Mom was washing dishes in the kitchen, and the running water could be heard beating against the porcelain sink all the way across the house. It made me thirsty, but the heat of the day had run my energy level down to almost a sliver, and I had no intention of getting up just to find a drink.

I turned over onto my back, tossing the book I’d been reading into the waves of sheets around me. The plaster of the ceiling beamed pure white at me and I imagined a cold snow. Closing my eyes, I felt the drops of perspiration on my forehead and thought them to be snowflakes. Slowly, I melted into this familiar world, with no intention of returning.

Soon I could hear Dad’s voice; he called out a growl and sent a snowball smashing into my hair. I giggled. Then I saw Mom, standing at the foot of a huge pine tree and I flung the snow clump in my hand at her camera. She gasped, and thrusting the mechanism into her jacket, stooped to repay me.

Again I heard Dad growl and his arms wrapped around my waist. He spun around, clasping my jacket, and then we fell into the snow side by side. We lay there a second laughing. As Dad cranked to his feet and pulled me up with him, Mom suddenly slapped each of us in the back with another snow ball.

Dad swooped up a gallon of the white powder and ran clumsily toward Mom. Then he thrust it into the air, showering her in white snow. Dad chased Mom around the trees and then they both fell into laughter, clutching their knees and breathing white fog into the woods. I watched them. They were so happy. The world was perfect as long as they were together. Dad kissed Mom and then, turning toward me, knelt and spread his arms wide.

I felt my heart leap. Then I ran, hoping to find his embrace as loving as I remembered it. But instead, I kept running, faster and faster. Still, it was if I had gained no distance.

The woods around me began to fade, and the snow stopped falling. Then I could no longer see Mom or Dad, I could only hear them breathing and Dad’s laugh. The world stretched around me with all of its colors and Dad continued to seem farther and farther away. Absorbing this, I stopped running, and stood in what was now a great white blotch. I turned in every direction, calling out for my parents. The only reply was an echo.

About the Author:olivia (1)

Olivia Carter is a dual enrolled high school and college student residing in Arizona. She lives with her parents, younger brother, seven rescue cats and three dogs. She enjoys painting, photography, and looks forward to attending University with a major in ancient history.


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