Day 13: Your Favourite Writer – Sarah Dessen

It’s that time of the month again where I continue with my 30 day challenge that has taken MUCH long than 30 days~

  1. Sarah Dessen
    I’ve been a fan of Sarah Dessen since I was in ninth grade (to put that in perspective, five years ago). My friend told me about this book that she got during the weekend. At the time I was heavily immersed in the vampire/werewolf/generally supernatural overflow of YA novels. I wasn’t about to put aside the last vamp story to read a contemporary. But when I took the time that day at lunch to peak into This Lullaby, I tossed my currently-reading and to-reads list off a cliff and borrowed the book. I loved it!

    As I said before, it’s been five years and I’ve read all of Dessen’s novels (save for That Summer, ’cause… well, I just never got to it -shrugs-). Dessen’s characters are all unique. Some entertaining, some insecure and shy, while others could probably kick yours and my ass for the hell of it. I have enjoyed reading each and every story, some more than others, and even watched HOW TO DEAL, a movie based off a mix of Dessen’s That Summer and Someone Like You.

    Since ninth grade, Dessen’s imagined town of Colby has become a second home for me, as much as Quick Zip has become an imagined hangout for me.Dessen has created this unique world with her characters, her settings, and her books. My absolute favourite thing about her books is that she weaves each one with the other. As I’ve said in my review of The Moon and More, you get a glimpse of characters from previously read novels, or something like Spinnerbait or a good game of Gotcha! is mentioned, and you just feel in the loop, like you’re a part of their story too.Sarah Dessen is without a doubt one of my favourite authors, and I hope to read more by her soon ~

Other books by Sarah Dessen:
The Truth About Forever
Just Listen
Along for the Ride
Lock and Key
Keeping the Moon
What Happened to Goodbye


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