Day 13: Your Favorite Writer – Marie Lu

Have I ever told you how much work university is? Has the rest of the world? Well, neither of us lied. I’ve been studying, writing notes, and finishing assignments for the past two weeks almost non-stop. (she said two weeks ago). I’ve been studying like crazy for exams. I now have a week until my last one and then I’m FREE~ On a side note, I read Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare? Yeah… BEST. FANTASY. BOOK. EVER. The Infernal Devices may just be my favourite fantasy series now… The ending was just perfect, heartbreaking but at the same time absolutely perfect.

Also, remember when this was called a 30 day challenge? 60 days later I’m still on day 13.3… Yup, yup, I’m good at this.

Alright, enough chitter chatter, moving on to author number three ~

  1. Marie Lu
    Another new author love of mine, but it’s well earned. Last year, I saw this book Legend in my school library. I worked there, and it was just going through processing, so it was literally brand new and just placed in a perfect plastic covering that made it silver and gold jacket shine in the light. I knew my sister had wanted to read it, so I checked it out, and brought it home. I started reading it on the bus, and instantly got sucked in. I loved it so much that I wouldn’t even give it up to my sister. It was just that good. I fell in love with June and Day, and Prodigy hasn’t disappointed me.I love Marie Lu for more reasons than just her books.

    Before becoming an author, Marie Lu was an Arts Director for a video game company. This struck me for two reasons. The first, it showed me that sometimes, finding something you love to do and are good at takes time, and it’s okay to go from one job to another after university. The second, she was an arts director for a video game company. I’m sorry, but if that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is.

    I think the thing that stands out most about Marie Lu’s books is the world she created. Many authors forget that setting is a big part of the reading experience. Marie Lu shows us the differences between our worlds, describes the buildings, the people, the clothing, the food. We get a full experience of her world as we follow June and Day’s lives. It’s true that her characters are strong, in personality and in being, but I really like the way the books’ world stand out and is memorable and imaginable.

    So yeah, lots of love goes to Marie Lu ~ I really hope that her novels grow in popularity (even though I love that they aren’t popular at the same time…)

    If you haven’t read her books yet, you seriously have to check ’em out !

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