Day 13: Your Favorite Writer – Cassandra Clare

Today, Clockwork Princess hit bookstore shelves. In honour of that, the next author I’ll be talking about is…

  1. Cassandra Clare
    In contrast to Tammara Webber, Cassandra Clare captured (as well as tore through, shredded, shattered, and then mended (repeat x 481287)) my heart about five years ago. I was first introduced to City of Bones back in grade eight by a friend of mine. She had borrowed it from the library and thought it’d be fun to read it to us, kind of start the book together. Flash forward five years, and here I am with Clockwork Princess patiently waiting on my e-reader. Needless to say, I loved the books.tmi-books

    The thing I loved about Clare’s books was her ability to create her world, not just because she plopped it right into the middle of New York, but the fact that she was able to integrate it well into the city. She had a place to put all the hidden worlds, and I thought that was ingenious. Also, I loved the idea of shadowhunters, the demons, the vampires, the everything supernatural. They all made an appearance in her books, and I thought that was pretty darn cool.

    Then she made this trilogy, and I fell in love with the characters. In my opinion, I liked the Infernal Devices better than the Mortal Instruments… but that’s just me. ANYWAYS, placed in old England (?), the plot was interesting and different, and the characters are all broken in some way, and GDI… READING THIS TRILOGY HURTS… BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH -flails- I can’t wait to get started with Clockwork Princess, but I must work a little bit first… darn school.

    BACK TO CASSANDRA CLARE. I love her characters, her worlds, her plots. It all fits together so well (and I especially love Magnus~). Clare is creating another shadowhunter trilogy once City of Heavenly Fire is done and the dust has settled. Honestly? I’m kind of on the fence with the idea. I love her shadowhunter novels, but at the same time I’d love to see her move on to new ideas with new characters and new concepts. I don’t know… but yeah, huge fan ~ And I hope to one day go to one of her signings -crosses fingers- hehe ~ HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY TO CLOCKWORK PRINCESS ~

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