Day 13: Your Favorite Writer – Tammara Webber

-University chews me up and spits me out- HEY! THAT WAS MY SHOE!

Alright, it’s been a while, and I’m sorry. University’s busy. LIKE REALLY BUSY.  Just in this coming week, I have two projects due, a test, a quiz, and a movie and poetry analysis. THAT’S JUST FOR THIS WEEK! ANYWAYS… Moving on…

In all honesty, this is an impossible task. To choose my favourite writer or author is like telling me to choose my favourite blade of grass among billions of other similar, yet totally different, blades.

Okay, that may not be the most amazing comparison, but I’m being serious… I just can’t do that… make the choice that is. Well, I don’t do similes or metaphors well either, but that’s a story for another day.

So instead of choosing one among the many and trying to prove that they’re finitely better than all the other authors in existence (when there are likely many who are equally amazing), I’ll just list a number of my favourites for you… Let’s go with ten twenty, with no particular order ’cause that would make my life even harder.

I’ll post them one at a time ’cause I don’t want to just create a giant wall of text talking about my not-so-real crushes on authors.


  1. Tammara Webber
    I’ve been a fan of Tammara Webber for only a short time, but I’ve read every book she has published and I absolutely loved each and every one of them.First off, for all those who’ve followed me for a while, you know I basically stopped reading because of her novel Easy. I probably read it three or four times now, and still love every part of it.What I haven’t written about is her Between the Lines series.

    At the moment there are three books, the fourth coming out in August. So this series had, like, for main characters.

     – the nice guy, who’s just perfect in every way. Like there is nothing about him that I don’t like.
    Emma – the nice girl, who has her flaws, is a little selfish/self-centered, but not obnoxiously so. Otherwise, she has great morals, thinks friends over guys (most of the time), and is a great female lead character
    Reid – the douche, he sleeps around, drinks and parties like crazy and usually couldn’t give to flying flies about other people’s feelings.
    Brooke – Reid’s ex. She’s the nice turned bitchy turned… I don’t know what now. I’m sure Webber will tell her story one day, but until then, my opinion stands.
    Dori – a good girl, who you won’t meet ’til the third book. She volunteers for charity projects, goes to church and all that (her dad’s the priest), etc. She’s awesome though !

    ANYWAYS. I love Webber’s writing, and I love that she started out basically a self-published/indie author. Gives me hope. Easy is now in stores though, being sold to people everywhere (okay probably not, but still). I hope, one day, the Between the Lines series will be released in hard copy books ’cause it’s an awesome series.

    I think the thing I love most about Webber’s books is her character development. We’ve got Reid, the ultimate douche, in Between the Lines and then we see him grow and change through the second and third. We’ve got Jaqueline in Easy, who we meet when she basically is going emo ’cause her boyfriend broke up with her, among other things, and we see her grow and mature through the book. I love Webber’s ability to make her characters grow, yet still keep their initial personality in tact. I also love that her stories deal with real life problems that just aren’t addressed often enough.

    But yeah, anyways, I really love Tammara Webber so far, and I can’t wait to read then next installment to Between the Lines ~

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