Day 12: A Book You Used To Love But Don’t Anymore

-gets chewed up by university and then gets spit back out- well that was a good week… or well.. not.

I had to think really hard about this because I love a lot of book and there aren’t many that have dropped from the ranks. However, this one series has.

Many have heard of L.J. Smith and if you haven’t and you watch The Vampire Diaries then I kinda really want to kick you in the face right now.

Anyways, as popular as The Vampire Diaries has been, her other series have been neglected. One series in particular, The Night World Series. Despite what the info for Strange Fate says, the series has yet to be finished. This bothers me immensely, and it’s not just the fact that I’ve been waiting seven years for this book, it’s the fact that everywhere decided to put dates that were lies. Either it looked like the book had been published way back when, or it looked like the book was supposed to come out in 2011… then 2012… then 2013… and now 2015? I think was the new date.

Now, do I really NEED this last book? No, it’s not an intense, soul-eating need for the last book that led me to the fallout with the series. It’s the fact that every story is kind of the same but different. However, it’s that innate sameness that bothers me. Although that’s kind of the point of it all, it still strums the wrong chord with me. The repetition got boring and the stories predictable, and various characters drove me up the wall. Yes, I do appreciate some of the badass female lead characters, like Jez and Rashel, but the needy ones, well I wanted to punch ’em, figuratively in the face. This revelation is new to me though. I recently re-read the series, and these characters grated at my nerves, and some of the writing was very elementary while other parts just didn’t flow right. When Smith got it right, she got it right, but when she didn’t… well those were the stories I just couldn’t get through.

Do I hate the series? No. Do I still adore them as much as I had in seventh grade? Yeah… no.

I’m still waiting on the last book though, because I did enjoy The Vampire Diaries. Maybe her writing has advanced some, or her characters had improved infinitely… or maybe this one just won’t be so darn predictable.

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