I can really relate to this post. Some stories I write are fairly well done, then I start going into stupid places, or my brain just stops, all around word 10,000 or so, and then it’s bye-bye idea bazillion and one.

Hope this opened some of your eyes too ! Remember, never give up ~ Writings hard, but not impossible, so hang tight, and maybe one day I’ll be reviewing one of your novels (;

Have fun reading & writing, all ~


Teens Can Write, Too!

Updated: 3/31/14

Dear Writer,

You are not a failure.

Now, I know. It’s really easy for me to say that; it’s a lot harder for me to mean it. But today, I’m being entirely serious: you are not a failure.

Yeah, I know sometimes it feels like you are. I know you work so hard, write so much, and yet you still feel so far away from achieving your goal. I know you just want to finish one single novel, to put a stop to that endless trail of scrapped, unfinished projects behind you. I know, because I’ve been there.

In fact, we’ve all been there. Writing a novel is almost certainly one of the most difficult things a person can do, and I doubt you can find a single writer who had not written and quit at least a few different books before finishing his or her first. It happens to all of us–

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