Day 08: Most Overrated Book

OH BOY OH BOY… I have NOT been keeping up with this -bows in apology- Mostly it’s not my fault but it kind of is? University keeps me busy (and tired… and hungry… and… well, let’s just say I haven’t really been online much these past few days).

Alright. Overrated Book. Can I do overrated SERIES? ‘Cause honestly, I’d say just the first book, but that’s a lie. It’s the entire series… Ready?

The Twilight Series.



If you don’t know of this series, then you’ve either (a) been living in a hole for the past four years or (b) live in a foreign or small country in which this series has yet to show it’s overrated face.

So I’ll give you a quick summary. My version.

Bella Swan moves from Phoenix to Forks (for a reason I can’t really recall), which is this tiny ass town where there’s like a handful of people and everyone knows each other. Enter the Cullens, these pretty looking ‘kids’ who’ve all been adopted by this young couple, and they never talk to anyone, and they’re all with each other (Alice x Jasper, Rosalie x Emmett), although poor brother Edward’s got nobody. Yet.

Blah blah blah vampire, blah blah blah SPARKLY VAMPIRE, blah blah blah love, blah blah blah werewolves, blah blah blah asdfghjkl.

You get the idea.

I first read this series long before it was BIG, and I was like “This series rocks!”, as I say with basically every series ever written. At first, at least.

First Book: That was pretty good. Other than the fact that them dudes SPARKLE, it was a pretty good book.

Second Book: … what the hell was that.


Fourth Book: Well… I saw like half of that coming… -reads the middle- OMFG -reads the end- YOU CALL THAT A WAR!? I’VE HAD LARGER FIGHTS IN SCHOOL.

As you can see, I favoured the third book.

ENTER HOLLYWOOD. They made the series into a set of movies. Now, the movies weren’t bad, but they weren’t amazing. Aside from this, the books themselves were read by practically every teenager (read: FEMALE) in the world. AND EVERYONE THOUGHT THAT IT WAS AMAZING. Women of MIDDLE AGE were fangirling over Edward and/or Jacob, sleeping with their cardboard cutouts, making out with the posters. I was embarrassed for them, honestly. The movies were alright too, but nothing amazingly badass (except for a little twist in the last movie, OMFG. I had to admit, that was pretty damn awesome). The filming wasn’t even that great. Other than the scene just mentioned, the best things about the movies started at the houses and scenery, and ended at the actors who played the Cullens. Ashley Green is so pretty *A*, and, honestly, no one hates Twilight more than the people IN IT, and that just made me love each actor all the much more.

I liked this series. It was fairly written, the plot was alright, but seriously? It was not worth half the hype it was given, maybe not even a quarter of it. I know so many other books that are better on so many levels, and it’s upsetting that this is the series that managed to gain (and, at this point, lose) the world’s adoration.

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