Update !

Hello world~

I’ve been virtually dead for the past few weeks namely for two reasons.

1. University

2. Catching up on reading

I’m behind on 2. because of 1. too…

Yeah, that wasn’t confusing.

Friday, I’ll definitely get back to the reviews ~

For now, you’ll have to be satisfied with the news I’m about to give you.

Richelle Mead’s birthday is today ! And in celebration, she has given us two things to drool over for the next few months until The Indigo Spell comes out… ready…?

Bloodlines #4 has a name: The Fiery Heart !

AND the POVs will be alternating between Sydney AND Adrian !

Oh how wonderful it’ll be to get into his confuzzling head.

Anyway, I need to get back to Huckleberry Finn. /EnglishMajorProblems.

I’ll be back on Friday !


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