New Releases: The Immortal Rules

Guess what was released today… Oh, yeah… The Immortal Rules… Whoops gave that away quick, haha.

Julie Kagawa’s new Vamp series has hit shelves today! Looking pretty epic~ I’ll be back soon with my review of it !
In the meantime, Kagawa has released the cover of the first novel for her Iron Fey spin off series, The Lost Prince.
There’s a sexy, half-naked Ethan (Meaghan’s brother for those who don’t remember) on the cover. /swoons.
Also, Kagawa has released the cover of Iron Legends, which contains her novellas Summer Crossing, and Winter’s Passage, as well as a new one that she’s just written recently. It will also contain a sneak peak at the first chapter of The Lost Prince
See it here:

Have fun reading !

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    Ah! It was so good! I love the little guy who kept grabbing all the shiny things. I think it might be my spirit animal haha!
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