Those Little Novellas

You do not know how insanely excited I was to read all the little novellas that authors have made for various series so I want to share some of them with you~

I believe I mentioned them before (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), but Julie Kagawa made Winter’s Passage and Summer’s Crossing Novellas to supplement the Iron Fey Series.

Summer’s Crossing (Free until June 29, 2012) (Puck’s POV):

Winter’s Passage WAS free, but is now being sold by Amazon (Ash’s POV):

Ash’s and Meaghan’s Valentine’s Day Date (;

Ash also wrote a letter to Meaghan, but I don’t have any links handy at the moment, haha.

Kelley Armstrong wrote a small novella trilogy for the Darkest Powers Trilogy:
Dangerous (#0.5)(Derek’s POV): Kit’s disappearance and how the boys got to Lyle House
Divided (#1.5)(Derek’s POV): What happened while Chloe and Rae disappeared (Between The Summoning and The Awakening)
Disenchanted (#3.5 ish)(Tori’s POV): What happened with her and Simon when Derek and Chloe were stuck at the truck stop (until they met up again)
These three novellas were put together in a Darkest Powers Bonus set that is now for sale (No links, sorry)

Belonging (#3.5) (Derek’s POV): Taken three months after the Reckoning (we get to catch up a little with the characters~)

* UNFORTUNATELY, Kelley removed Belonging from her blog. She will have the short story published and for sale soon! [Prologue] [Chapter One]

The New Guy (The Gathering Bonus Short):

The Invitation (The Gathering Bonus Short):

Maria V. Snyder also released some novellas for the Study series.
Assassin Study (Valek’s POV)(#1.5): Valek’s trying to stop someone from assassinating Yelena

Power Study (Ari and Janco (third person)) (#3.5): Ari and Janco hunting a Sitian

Ice Study (Alternating Yelena’s and Valek’s POV)(#3.6/4): Yelena’s trying to find the Ice Moon for a rogue Magician

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