Yorkdale Signing

Yesterday, I had the chance to see Kelley Armstrong in person! She was doing a signing in Toronto at Yorkdale Mall and guess what? They were selling her new book “The Calling”, which is set to come out in all stores on Tuesday.
I’ve already finished the novel and I absolutely loved it! This one definitely was less centered on romance (not that I don’t love Rafe and Maya (I LOVE THEM) but there was just… less) Here, I’ll tell you why… [Note: this is on the back of the cover so don’t kill me for typing it!]

A crack and a rush of air. Nicole shrieked. This time, Hayley joined her.
“The door!” Corey said. “The door’s open!”
“Hang on!” Daniel yelled at him. “Maya, grab Kenjii!”
I lunged for the dog’s collar, and just then I heard a gasp. Everyone was yelling and wind rushed through the half-open door and I shouldn’t have heard anything. But I heard that gasp.
“Rafe!” I screamed.
I shouted at Nicole to grab him. But as I turned, I saw a blur of motion. Rafe, sailing across the floor of the helicopter.
Out the open door.

Dun, dun, dun! Again, don’t hate me for typing that out for you guys, haha. It’s in the first chapter anyways. Still, my gosh, after that I just couldn’t stop reading. The book is still exciting, filled with action and guns (granted they tend to hold tranq darts, but that’s besides the point). Ugh, loved, loved, loved the book, but the ending will leave you pining for more, even though The Rising (the last book to the trilogy) won’t be out until next year. /dead.

Anyways, I’ll post my review on Tuesday! (When I have a better computer at hand. You do not know how weird this site looks on my comp (everything’s basically in HTML and funny links))

I’ll also be posting some pictures of the ‘swag’ I got (I hate that word… swag…)

Anywho~ Have fun reading (:


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