Another Cover Copy?

Wow, I’m on a posting ROLL!

Okay. Other than a slight haircut, the girls look exactly the same. I don’t know if they actually got another girl to model, or they just took the cover of Falled, enlarged the picture, fiddled with photoshop and spat that one out, but COME ON. Fallen is pretty big too, so it’s not like one can just say “Oh, I didn’t know?”

Another person pointed out that Battista’s girl is oddly shaped (i.e. she has a lump or something on her back that doesn’t look natural…) It just makes the girl look really… thin after that part… I don’t know.. it’s just weird. According to one source, Fallen was the inspiration for Battista’s cover, but really? Inspiration doesn’t have to mean copy. They could have had the girl in a different pose at least, or it could be like Noel and Chen-Headley’s novels where they at least had the decency to FLIP the girl’s picture so they don’t look EXACTLY alike…

Just a thought.

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