Review: Wicked Lovely – Darkest Mercy

Title: Darkest Mercy
Author: Melissa Marr

The final book was released about a month ago, though I only saw it recently and after a fair amount of jumping up and down in excitement, I bought it. This is the final book of the Wicked Lovely Series, and damn, it was a good book. It was a pretty good ending for the series, but don’t be a loser like me and try to read the end first (it’s a horrible habit). The only way to get the book is to read the previous novels (of course) and to start from the beginning of the novel.

The book basically sums up the fae’s problems. It solves the depression in the Summer Court, the chaos in Dark Court, and the uncertainty in the Winter court. Of course, from the last novel, the Queen’s court stays nicely untouched and unscathed. New characters are introduced, and old ones reappear in the oddest of places. After lots of drama, lots of war, and lots of trouble, everything fits together well in the end, and the final book of the series actually feels like the final book to the series. No anti-climatic moments, just action, moments of romance, and just pure awesomeness. The final book is sure to leave you totally and utterly satisfied. I really loved this series and I seriously loved the ending to the series!

“Stab one or two healers, and everyone overreacts.”

“I’m not bloodthirsty, but…seriously, she killed you. She needs to be dead”

“Trust me, you’re not my first choice to fight next to, Sunshine, but as as much as it would simplify things, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I left you to her tender mercies.”

“If you get killed. I’m going to be furious.”
“I love you too. Come On.”
-Donia and… who (;

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