Review: Icing on the Lake

Title: Icing on the Lake
Author: Catherine Clark

New Years Resolutions
by Kirsten (with help from Crystal, Jones, and Emma)
1. Survive the month at my sister’s house.
Survive my 3-year-old nephew and crazy sister
2. Learn to ice skate better. Or not fall down. Or just get a cuter skating outfit.
3. Find hockey-playing, winter-loving hottie. And invite him to the weekend cabin trip (AKA “Groundhog Getaway”) with everyone.
Oh, sure, no problem.

Cursed Kirsten is what everyone calls her. Why? Because she always seems to get herself injured and into problems. When she goes to her sister’s house to help her, she knows that the month will be a stressful one. Not only is Gretchen, her sister, a little crazy, but she always looks down on Kirsten as if she were still five-years-old. Then there’s also the fact that she needs to find a guy to invite to go with her to the weekend getaway her friends and her had planned. Three problems. 1. Her ex-boyfriend’s going to be there, if that’s not pressure, then what is? 2. She seems to be stuck between a lovely set of brothers. One hates her guts, while the other is too blase to care. 3. Which of the two make a better date to a weekend getaway?

This book was very well written, and definitely had its storyline twists. It’s filled with romance, teenage indecision, and the one thing I can relate to the most: Accident Proneness. This was definitely an excellent novel, though not necessarily a summer read. More of a new years read. [This was originally posted in August of 2010, haha]

“Come on, girls,” one of the boys said as he skated over towards us.
“Sure, where are we going?” my friend Jones said under her breath to me as she helped me up from the ice. “I think I can follow him just about anywhere.”
-Sean, Jones, Narrator (Kirsten)

“Well. Don’t worry. Not all goalies hate you,” he said.
We exchanged this really awkward smile.
“Well, good,” I said. “I guess.”
-Conor, Narrator (Kirsten), Kirsten

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