Review: Wicked

Title: Witch, Curse, Legacy, Spellbound, Resurrection (Wicked Series)
Author: Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie

This series, I’d give negative nine hundred and ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine stars. This series was horrible. (Hate to put two bad ones back to back but… hey, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do) (Plus, I’m taking them in order from my original blog, haha)

This was someone’s take on the book:
Here’s the story, A young girl moves to a small town in Washington to live with Her Aunt and Cousins after the death of her parents via a canoeing accident (which she gets over really fast I might add) and complains about how it’s always cloudy and raining. The one day at school, she spots a group of 3 guys. They’re dark, they’re mysterious, and they’re all amazingly handsome. Eventually she speaks to the leader of them, and as soon as their hands touch…*wait for it*…They Fall in love and start speaking in French!

No I’m not joking, they fall in love as soon as they touch, and start speaking to each other in French. Via a series of Flash-way-backs, the reader learns that they’re families have been quarreling with each other for thousands of years, and that their distant ancestors were arranged to be married to end the fighting, and you know what happened? Despite the years of hate and tension, on the day of their marriage, the 2 ancestors magically fell in love.

Anyway, back to the crappy cliched story. So we then find out that *dun! Dun! DUN!* The 3 guys (who are brothers) and their dad, are all Warlocks. You read that right. So the dad, being the big bad, decides that he wants to kill the remnants of the main character’s family, to finally win the fight that they’ve been dragging out for centuries, a fight I might add, that is never adequately hashed out. You never find out why the families are fighting.

Also, it appears that the main character is a witch, as are her entire family. I’d like to take a moment here and say that the main character, Holly, is quite possibly the most useless waste of space. She needs protecting from everything, including rats. Her family’s cats have to save her from some rats in the basement.

Any way she and her cousins start to learn magic while the dad prepares to use this kick-a** Magical black flame spell that kill everything in it’s path (No, this is not Naruto, just uncreative Author Syndrome) and Holly’s love interest (who’s name, for the life of me I can’t remember) goes to a sweat lodge with his 2 gay buddies. No that wasn’t a joke, there are 2 legitimately gay characters in here, but it seems their the only 2 in the entire town, so of course they have to be a couple, because as we all know, if you’re gay, and there’s another person of the same persuasion within spitting distance, you will instantly fall in love with them, regardless of actual compatibility. [/sarcasm]

Anywho, he goes to a sweat lodge and has a vision, then talks to a Native American guy who tells him some bullshit Native American myth, one that Holder and Viguie clearly made up on their own to try and be symbolic. Then we cut to a play, where Holly’s cousin has magically cheated her way to the lead role, when all of a sudden *dun! Dun! DUN!* The warlock dad jumps in and attacks them with his Amaterasu Black Flames Spell, and It’s about to Swallow up Holly (thank God!) when her ‘true love’ jumps in to save her. It descends upon both of them, and everyone thinks their dead, much cheering is heard from the readers, when all of a sudden, “There they are! In the center! They’re alive!”

That’s right, they’re in the middle of the flame and it can’t touch them, because true love conquers all. They dispel the Black Flames with the power of their 17-year-old “love” and they all live happily ever after. BUT WAIT! In a twist anyone with the brain of a flea could see coming, Holly’s New man Is taken away by his Brothers and Father. OH NO! That means…it means…there’s….going to be…A SEQUEL!!!!

*back to me*
Sadly, that is the nicest way to put the horrible writing in this book. I laughed once. And it’s three books. Now that just sad.
Here’s my rundown of the series (P.S. miniature spoilers)

Holly and Jer touch. They fall in love.
Holly and Amanda touch, and their hands burn and then suddenly they have a magical tattoo that bonds them making them ‘sisters’ or something.

In the end, Twilight fan’s will go nuts, because, guess what! There’s a pathetic pointless war! Action occurs here, but no one important dies. Someone goes blind, but they all still live happily ever after, who cares about the ability to see when you live happy in some mystical, magical, castle with your ‘destined love’. seriously that’s how the ending is like.

(Spoilers are over)

This series was my least favourite series ever. People hate on Twilight, and I have to admit I’m one of them, but this series beats Twilight for worst series ever created. The writing is bad, the editors seemed reluctant to read this story too… The characters are badly developed, and flashes back into their past are way past boring.
NEVER READ THIS SERIES. EVER. Just thought I should make that clear~

And. If you really want to read it, I’ll sell you all three books for $10 bucks. I’m serious.

2 thoughts on “Review: Wicked

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  2. I’ll give it a whirl.I’ve already been a chcreatar that doesn’t actually appear in a mystery. (Sew Easy To Kill by Sarah J. Mason. Dame Carolyn Armistead, who is only mentioned as someone who contributed to a school in the story. Sarah did apologize for elevating me to the Peerage.)


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