Review: Girl At Sea

Title: Girl At Sea
Author: Maureen Johnson

Another one of my favourites. Girl At Sea is one of many books by Maureen Johnson, a very talented author. I’m sorry that yes, all of my reviews have been for female authors, but there are just so many good ones, and I’m kind of biased…

So Girl At Seas is about Clio who lives with her mother in Philly. Her father had left them years ago. He was a spontaneous man. Clio had just secured a job at an art store with her long time crush Ollie. When she gets back, however, she finds out she’ll be spending the rest of the summer with her dad in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. When she gets there, she meets Julia, her father’s new assistant, and girlfriend, Elsa, Julia’s beautiful Swedish daughter, and Aidan, Julia’s very good looking and intellectual assistant. Joining them is her dad’s old friend Martin. As they set out on their trip, all three, Aidan, Elsa, and Clio, are left out of what they are really doing on this ship. Time goes by, romance blossoms, and secrets are revealed to all.

Girl at Sea is a book of adventure, romance, and humor. I love her books, because there’s always something that’s going to jump out at you from around the corner. 13 Little Blue Envelopes is another very good book by her. Also, in Girl at Sea, I loved the way she was able to make Aiden, a very smart, good looking guy, smart, funny and arrogant all at once. That, I find, is very difficult. Her books are realistic as well. The way the characters are set make them seem real. There’s no cookie-cutter ‘let’s please everyone and make the characters perfect’ kind of thing going on. Instead, each character has a story.

A Little Quote from the book:
“Listen, haircut…”
“Did you just call me haircut?” he asked.
“Yes. You know there’s no reason we can’t go online. It’s crazy.”
“Why’d you call me haircut?” he asked, touching his hair. “Is it because I have a great haircut?”
“You figure it out,” she answered.
-Clio and Aiden, Girl At Sea

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