Review: This Lullaby

Title: This Lullaby
Author: Sarah Dessen

This is one of my favourite novels. Sarah Dessen makes mainly single novels, for ‘young adults’. This was my favourite book by her, though her novel Just Listen came in a close second. This Lullaby is about Remy Starr who goes through relationships faster than light. Then one day she meets funny, sweet, caring, and generally nice guy, Dexter, and other than pissed off, she feels a little off balance around him. As she begins to fall for him, she realizes her usual relationship rules don’t apply to him, in any way at all.

Sarah Dessen is an amazing writer, who is able to communicate the personality and basic appearance of every character she creates fully. The portrayal of each storyline always has a history, building up the story and laying the foundations. I love her books and I truly love her character Dexter~

Some Quotes from the book:
I had no illusions about love anymore. It came, it went, it left casualties or it didn’t. People weren’t meant to be together forever, regardless of what the songs say.
-Narrator [Remy]

Weird how it never worked in the daylight, when you could actually see the topography of someone’s face, the lines and bumps, the scars. In the dark everyone felt the same: the edges blurred.
-Narrator [Remy]

This person is, in fact, human, and here’s where most relationships splinter and die. Because either you can stick around and deal with these problems, or ease out gracefully, knowing that at some point in the not-too-distant future, there will emerge another perfect person, who will fix everything, at least for six weeks.
-Narrator [Remy]

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